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Gaschem will look after your gas engineering projects from initial idea through to completion, either by consultancy basis alone or full project management.


I can supply your gas control equipment including regulators, manifolds, hoses and more.

Written Schemes

Provide written schemes of examination for your gas systems in line with current legislation.

Gas Detection

Gaschem can supply and install gas detection systems for your cylinder store areas and distribution areas, contributing to the health and safety of your workforce and property.

Gas Mixing/Blending Systems

I can design and manufacture your gas mixing/blending systems for your customer requirements. Our equipment will allow you to make binary or multicomponent mixtures with the highest level of mixing accuracy

Oxygen, Hydrogen & Helium

I have high expertise in the handling of both gaseous and liquid forms of Oxygen, Hydrogen and Helium


Gaschem will evaluate your gas systems and give you a preventative maintenance schedule which will reduce your downtime and loss of income due to costly breakdowns.

Gas Distribution

Gaschem will design your systems from bulk storage or high pressure cylinders to point of use within your factories or laboratories.

Cyclinder Preparation

To get the high levels of accuracy in gas mixing, Gaschem can supply equipment for cylinder preparation including ovens, scrubbers, rolling machines and more.

Laboratory Gas Installations

I can carry out a design and installation package for the gas requirements in your laboratory - including orbital welding, mechanical and braized piprework.

Cylinder Disposal

By identifying your unwanted gas cynlinders, Gaschem can organise the safe removal and disposal of them

Gas Purification

Gaschem can supply and install you with various purification systems to suit your needs.

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